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From the Greek words τύπος type = "to strike" "That by which something is symbolized or figured..." and γραφία graphia = to write

Honorary doctorate to Sri Murali Krishna
(Extreme right)
Welcome to Anu Fonts !

Anu Infotech (formerly known as Anu Graphic Systems) was established in 1990 by a team of young computer experts. The team under the leadership of S. Murali Krishna, an engineer and expert in font development has dedicated to the development of high quality Indian language fonts for the past 18 years.

Today the total Telugu publishing and printing industry in Andhra Pradesh including news papers, weeklies, TV channels, D.T.P. units and digital printing units are using Anu Telugu fonts only.

Anu Infotech also developed Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi font and are widely used in those respective states.

Anu Infotech also developed “Indian Cultural Cliparts” CDs, “Invitation Designs” CDs “Backgrounds” CDs and “Flowers” CDs etc for the use of designers.

The company is committed to continue its research to bring out more best quality Indian language fonts and softwares solutions.

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